Monday, February 22, 2010

Going Organic

So after wanting to go organic for about two years I've decided this is the time to do it. What pushed me over the edge was this article that my sister sent me. 7 foods that should never Cross your lips
After reading about the apples (which I eat every single day), the potatoes, and tomatoes I figured it was time to make a change. Now because I am married, this is then forced upon my husband whether he wants to make this change or not since I do the grocery shopping and cooking. But after running it by him, and him giving me the "Yeah, I don't care" we have officially begun the turn to go organic.
Now, this doesn't include eating out, which is one of my favorite things to do AND it probably won't include Karl's love of ice cream and my love of shitty pastries, but for the most part, the Haukom Anderson household is going organic!

Now I don't think it's that hard to go organic and it doesn't cost that much money depending on where you buy and how you buy. For me these brands and places make it easy to switch to the organic lifestyle.

Organic Money Saving Tips
This is extremely helpful! Even if you can't afford to go 100% organic (let's face it, most of us can't) this will give you tips and ideas to go as organic as you can without going broke

Top Ten reasons to Go Organic
You'll find at least one or two reasons in this list that might push you over to the organic side

Green Grocer
A little grocery store right by my office! They are small, but they have a good selection of organic and local items

The Dill Pickle Co-op
This is the place that made it easier for me to go organic. It's in my neighborhood and the selection is pretty great for such a tiny establishment. It might be a little pricey for some, but you can find good deals on produce, meat and nuts.

Local Harvest
This place gives you lists of farmers markets in your area, organic restaurants and grocery stores.

The Wild Harvest Brand
Seriously, this make's going organic pretty easy! They offer organic milk, eggs, cookies and tons of other things PLUS it's sold at Jewel, Albertson's, Supervalu and Cub foods so it's at your local grocery store! How convenient is that!?!

Whole Foods
Mecca for Organic foodies. If you think Whole Foods is a little too out of your price range, think again. Buy Whole Food's Private Brand 365. It is organic AND cheaper than other organic brands out there! It's like buying Jewel Brand at Jewel. And they offer coupons online so check it out!

I know! They don't have a massive organic selection BUT what they do have you can buy in bulk and it's pretty inexpensive! This includes a pretty decent selection of produce. But remember you have to have a membership or a friend with a membership in order to get inside. (pssst...I have one)


Peter said...

Hey Lang -

Have you read Omnivores Dilema? You should, you would dig, big-time. I read it with Jim, Adrian, and Maureen. It definitely informed a lot of my decision making about food.

The Curly Haired girl from the Midwest said...

Thanks Pete! I have to check it out. It sounds really interesting

Alisha said...

LOVE this post!

Leigh Culbertson said...

Don't forget your local farmers Market! Logan square has one in the Congress Theater during the winter from 8-3pm or something every sunday! It'll move back to the square in the spring time :)
They have awesome baked goods, mushrooms, meats, sprouts and other things you can make in the winter.