Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gene's Sausage Shop and Delicatessen

A view of Gene's from the second floor

So after eating lunch at Garcia's karl and walked over to the Chopping Block where I purchased cookie cutters and a Mandolin which was TOTALLY AMAZING. On our way out I looked up and saw this massive building with large windows and pig and cow statues on the outside. Karl and I walked in and I fell in love.
Gene's Sausage Shop and Delicatessen is a grocer/specialty shop/butcher and, of course, sausage shop. The grass fed beef was everywhere, meat was being cut up in the back, and sausages were hanging out to dry all over. It was a omnivore's dream! The rest of the store was great. Organic fruits and veggies, great chocolate selections, real honey and other magical items from all over.

Karl and I left with a bag full of chocolate and licorice. We're going back soon for steaks.

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Alisha said...

love it!! i need to fine a place where i can get grass feed beef here!!