Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Haute Stoner Cuisine

Photo Illustration by Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

All over the US chefs are using marijuana as a way to develop and enjoy delicious food. Apparently it's not that new of an idea, but now chefs are much more open about it.

Some HIGH(get it?)lights of the article

"Haute stoner cuisine is a way to reach a generation that was raised on Sprite and Funyuns and who never thought fancy restaurant food was for them..."

“We’ve shattered who is getting good food now,” he said. “It’s this silent message to everyone, to the every-day dude. It’s like come here, here’s a cuisine for you that will fill you up from the inside and make you feel whole and good. Weed is just a portal.”

"Slow-cooked quail eggs and caviar...[is called] the Lincecum, after Tim Lincecum, the star pitcher for the San Francisco Giants who was arrested last fall after police found marijuana and a pipe in his car."

"Even for people who don’t use illegal drugs, the deep flavors and sensory appeal of dishes like the breakfast burrito pizza at Roberta’s in Bushwick, Brooklyn, have an undeniable appeal. They plug directly into the reptilian portion of our brains, the side that wants what it wants and wants it now — and also a big bowl of it, please"

Honestly, I think this idea is really interesting and extremely smart. Weed isn't found only in the basement where a twenty-something dwells wearing tie-dye t-shirt, listening to the Grateful Dead with a Bob Marley poster on the wall. It's found in the urine sample of IT guys, teachers, editors, accountants and stay at home parents. And yes these people aren't all rushing to Blackbird after they take a hit. More often than not they are walking over to Charcoal Delights or to 7-11, but they should have options.