Tuesday, June 10, 2008


After reading my friend Brian's blog I decided I too should start something. I've already come to the realization that the topics that I will discuss are already saturating the media but you haven't had my perspective.
I am pretty much going to talk about EVERYTHING. TV, Movies, Amy Winhouse's drug addiction, my view on the NBA finals, Obama and whatever else strikes my fancy.

So let's get started,

First off I am currently addicted to a couple of TV shows out there via Netflix.

Netflix is HANDS DOWN one of the best ideas EVER. But this isn't about Netflix this is about the wonderful world of TV on DVD.
There are THREE shows out there that I am currently addicted to whether I want to be or not. Six Feet Under, The L Word and Californication.

Six Feet Under. This show is ADDICTING! Start up a Six Feet Under Annonymous meeting and I will be there in attendance complaining about how Brenda is a psycho bitch from hell, Claire is far too angsty in the first season and it's awesome that David finally came out. I am not done with the show but I only have two season left and the only thing that keeps me from watching this all day long is Netflix can't get here soon enough

CALIFORNICATION! How is it that Hank Moody (David Duchovny) is a complete alcoholic, womanizing, occasionally hard drug using douche bag that you root for from beginning to end!?! This is some of the best writing in TV right now. EVERYONE WATCH!

And then there is The L Word. Now I gotta say that seasons 1 - 3 (only half of three) were pretty excellent. But then it fell apart. You can't blow your wad in character development in the first two seasons but alas that is what the L Word did and here I am. I am glued to my Netflix instant view every time my fiance plays Grand Theft Auto. I sit an bitch about how Jenny Schecter is an awful human being who needed to be killed off instead of Dana (she made the show hilarious)and Bette and Tina need to stop doing whatever it is they are doing because Bette is TOO GOOD for Tina. I will say that Alice and Shane are awesome and I wish they would have based the show around two best friend Lesbians in LA and the trials and tribulations they both go through to find love. But, instead we are introduced to new characters each season, and each character is more lame than the last and I still watch it.

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