Friday, July 2, 2010

Cooking from my CSA

We got our CSA and I was very excited about what I found.
Garlic Scapes
Onion Blossoms
I had a night off and I decided to do a little cooking. It had been so long I forgot how much I enjoyed it and how relaxing it can be. I had some salmon fillets and decided to make a nice little dill sauce to put on top. Just some mayo, fresh dill, pepper and fresh lemon juice.
I seasoned the salmon with salt, pepper and a little onion powder. I chopped up some of the fresh dill and sprinkled it on top of each fillet and then roasted those bad boys for about 15-20 minutes...I think.
I roasted the broccoli with a little olive oil and sea salt. This is the only way Karl will eat broccoli so we have it often. Oh and don't think I am complaining because it is A-MAZ-ING!
I needed a starch. Whenever I make big meal I like to have a veggie, a protein and a starch. Call me old fashioned if you must, but it's how I roll.
I decided on Garlic Scape Mashed Potatoes.
I was worried. I had just learned what a garlic scape was THE DAY BEFORE I GOT THEM and never really had time to research recipes or anything, but I decided I was just going to go for it.
I whipped up my mashed potatoes how I usually do (boil the potatoes in a nice salt water, drain, add heavy whipping cream, butter, salt and pepper....yeah I can't make these that often or I would be 752 pounds) but instead of just adding roasted garlic to make the potatoes I added the scapes. I minced those suckers and sauteed them in an olive oil and butter mixture. Once they were a little tender I just tossed them into the potatoes. The light garlic flavor with a chive texture mixed into the creamy potatoes was...well...bomb as hell!
I was proud of myself
I also created a little salted monkey bread, but it was from a package and it was only mediocre. I will try that little recipe again worries. All in all a great meal.


Anonymous said...

nummy nummy! wish we could have shared the meal with you! hope you're enjoying your fifth of July holiday...

Tricia said...

Um. We should hang out more. Delicious!